Secret Southeast London: Deptford

Deptford is a funny place. You don’t tend to see many tourists venturing to this part of London, despite it being only down the road from the centre of Greenwich, but it does have a distinct culture and life of its own that is worth seeing. Deptford’s the place to get a sense of a real local London life, and it has just has much … Continue reading Secret Southeast London: Deptford

river and hills on a sunny day blue skies

Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

The river Tees flows through the industrial town of Middlesbrough, up on the northeast coast of England. Historically, the river has been the industrial life blood of the area, making trade possible between towns throughout the northeast as well as to places further afield, like the Netherlands. The river has seen industries rise and then disappear: shipbuilding, brick-making, the flax trade, iron works. Now, it’s … Continue reading Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines