5 Places You Need To Visit In Rome If You’re A Literature-Lover

Rome had been on my bucket-list for years, and in January I finally made the trip. In the end, it was even better than I had imagined: the intense and lengthy history of the city is present everywhere, and makes for a fascinating city trip. I was also excited because Rome has been the home… Continue reading 5 Places You Need To Visit In Rome If You’re A Literature-Lover

Secret Southeast London: Deptford

Deptford is a funny place. You don't tend to see many tourists venturing to this part of London, despite it being only down the road from the centre of Greenwich, but it does have a distinct culture and life of its own that is worth seeing. Deptford's the place to get a sense of a… Continue reading Secret Southeast London: Deptford

London Day Trips: Guildford

Stepping on the train to Guildford at Waterloo station, I did wonder if this could even be classed as a 'day trip'. Guildford is only 27 miles (43km) from London, and it's a short 30-minute train ride to the town, situated almost in the centre of the county of Surrey. I was used to spending… Continue reading London Day Trips: Guildford

Secret Southeast London: The Green Chain Walk

A lot of people think London is just crowded with houses and urban life; apart from the crowded green spaces in central London like Hyde Park or St. James's Park, it is easy to see the rest of London as a sea of suburbia, and no green at all. In fact, southeast London is full… Continue reading Secret Southeast London: The Green Chain Walk