river and hills on a sunny day blue skies

Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

The river Tees flows through the industrial town of Middlesbrough, up on the northeast coast of England. Historically, the river has been the industrial life blood of the area, making trade possible between towns throughout the northeast as well as to places further afield, like the Netherlands. The river has seen industries rise and then disappear: shipbuilding, brick-making, the flax trade, iron works. Now, it’s … Continue reading Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

sheep wandering in heather moorland in the north york moors national park

Why You Should Visit the North York Moors

The North York Moors National Park is an area of 1,434 square kilometres of moorland, forest, and coastline in North Yorkshire. It is not the biggest National Park in the UK, only the fourth largest in England, but I would argue that for its size, it’s one of the most varied and beautiful parts of the UK. I used to visit the Moors quite often … Continue reading Why You Should Visit the North York Moors

Wild Wind and Waves: Aberystwyth

Watching the wind whisk around cars on the M62—which prides itself on being the highest motorway in the country, at 372m above sea level at its peak—I wondered if heading to Aberystwyth on a weekend with storms threatening the UK was really a good idea. I’d heard good things about the place, but would it be worth it seeing the town in this weather? Aberystwyth … Continue reading Wild Wind and Waves: Aberystwyth

East Meets West: Exploring Görlitz, Germany

My day trip to Görlitz started at 8:30am in Hauptbahnhof, Berlin’s main train station. I was there over an hour too early for my first train to Cottbus, where I’d change to a small, regional German train to Görlitz, in the very east of Germany on the Polish border. Hauptbahnhof is a maze of levels and platforms, and it took me almost the whole hour to orientate myself within the station, find somewhere cheap for coffee (Pret a Manger to the rescue, as always), and find my way to my platform.

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