Secret Southeast London: Deptford

Deptford is a funny place. You don’t tend to see many tourists venturing to this part of London, despite it being only down the road from the centre of Greenwich, but it does have a distinct culture and life of its own that is worth seeing. Deptford’s the place to get a sense of a real local London life, and it has just has much … Continue reading Secret Southeast London: Deptford

London Day Trips: Guildford

Stepping on the train to Guildford at Waterloo station, I did wonder if this could even be classed as a ‘day trip’. Guildford is only 27 miles (43km) from London, and it’s a short 30-minute train ride to the town, situated almost in the centre of the county of Surrey. I was used to spending at least an hour on the train to get anywhere … Continue reading London Day Trips: Guildford

Secret Southeast London: The Green Chain Walk

A lot of people think London is just crowded with houses and urban life; apart from the crowded green spaces in central London like Hyde Park or St. James’s Park, it is easy to see the rest of London as a sea of suburbia, and no green at all. In fact, southeast London is full of green spaces—I’ve already documented the unique area of Oxleas … Continue reading Secret Southeast London: The Green Chain Walk

6 Places You Won’t Believe Are In North-East England

Any travel-lover who follows those ‘beautiful places’ accounts on Instagram will probably already be aware of some of the north’s key tourist spots: York, Whitby, Durham. Sunset pictures of Whitby Abbey, or gloomy pictures of the Shambles are popular on the platform, and do buck the trend of the north being viewed as some sort of post-industrial apocalyptic area (genuine views I’ve heard people express, … Continue reading 6 Places You Won’t Believe Are In North-East England

river and hills on a sunny day blue skies

Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

The river Tees flows through the industrial town of Middlesbrough, up on the northeast coast of England. Historically, the river has been the industrial life blood of the area, making trade possible between towns throughout the northeast as well as to places further afield, like the Netherlands. The river has seen industries rise and then disappear: shipbuilding, brick-making, the flax trade, iron works. Now, it’s … Continue reading Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

sheep wandering in heather moorland in the north york moors national park

Why You Should Visit the North York Moors

The North York Moors National Park is an area of 1,434 square kilometres of moorland, forest, and coastline in North Yorkshire. It is not the biggest National Park in the UK, only the fourth largest in England, but I would argue that for its size, it’s one of the most varied and beautiful parts of the UK. I used to visit the Moors quite often … Continue reading Why You Should Visit the North York Moors

Secret Southeast London: Severndroog Castle

I love castles—it’s part of the reason why I like spending time in Yorkshire and Wales so much, the fact that there are just so many hidden within the landscape. They speak of a history that we simply cannot imagine now: knights and Kings defending land, civil wars, foreign invasions. When I moved to London, this was one thing I knew I was going to … Continue reading Secret Southeast London: Severndroog Castle

A Walk Through Newcastle’s History

I’ve been visiting Newcastle since I was young. It’s the closest city to my hometown of Middlesbrough, and though the place isn’t huge (I quickly realised this when I started spending summers with family in London), it’s fairly cosmopolitan compared to Middlesbrough. In a sort of parallel universe, I even live in Newcastle. I spent the first year of university avoiding further questions about where … Continue reading A Walk Through Newcastle’s History

London Day Trips: Canterbury

Since visiting Margate on a bright winter day this January, I’ve felt good things about Kent. I’ve never spent time exploring this area of England before now – a travesty, really, seeing how close it is to London and how easy to access so much of it by train. When you live in London, especially as a student, your whole world of travel possibilities tends to be contained within the M25. But on another shockingly sunny winter day, I decided to broaden my Kent-horizons by exploring the ancient cathedral town of Canterbury.

Continue reading “London Day Trips: Canterbury”