Is Morocco the Best Holiday Destination for 2019?

I have always loved, and will always love, holidays in Europe. You really do have everything—mountains, beautiful coastline, sun, snow, rivers, vibrant cities, varieties of culture. But European holidays, especially for a Brit, are no longer what they once were. Visiting Berlin in 2015, I exchanged pounds to euros when the exchange was really at… Continue reading Is Morocco the Best Holiday Destination for 2019?

A Day in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

From a rooftop in Marrakech in the early morning sun, the Atlas Mountains are just visible in the distance. At first glance, it's a trick of the light, a mirage, you don't really believe they're there. They would barely be visible at all if it wasn't for the sunlight catching on the snowy peaks, evidence… Continue reading A Day in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Chaos and Serenity in Marrakech

When I told people I was going to Marrakech, I heard conflicting reactions. While some people who had been before said it was amazing, others extolled the hyper-business of the city, the intense heat in the Medina, the intimidating nature of the men there ("wear a wedding ring," one friend told me, "then you won't… Continue reading Chaos and Serenity in Marrakech

Wild Wind and Waves: Aberystwyth

Watching the wind whisk around cars on the M62—which prides itself on being the highest motorway in the country, at 372m above sea level at its peak—I wondered if heading to Aberystwyth on a weekend with storms threatening the UK was really a good idea. I'd heard good things about the place, but would it… Continue reading Wild Wind and Waves: Aberystwyth

A Walk Through Newcastle’s History

I've been visiting Newcastle since I was young. It's the closest city to my hometown of Middlesbrough, and though the place isn't huge (I quickly realised this when I started spending summers with family in London), it's fairly cosmopolitan compared to Middlesbrough. In a sort of parallel universe, I even live in Newcastle. I spent… Continue reading A Walk Through Newcastle’s History

A Rainy Day in York

One of those days where the hills are the same colour as the sky—a dark blue or grey, blending with the clouds so that the tips of the hills are barely visible. Rain whips against the windows of the train carriages, and I try to spy the White Horse in the distance, but it's no… Continue reading A Rainy Day in York

East Meets West: Exploring Görlitz, Germany

My day trip to Görlitz started at 8:30am in Hauptbahnhof, Berlin's main train station. I was there over an hour too early for my first train to Cottbus, where I'd change to a small, regional German train to Görlitz, in the very east of Germany on the Polish border. Hauptbahnhof is a maze of levels… Continue reading East Meets West: Exploring Görlitz, Germany

London Day Trips: Canterbury

Since visiting Margate on a bright winter day this January, I've felt good things about Kent. I've never spent time exploring this area of England before now - a travesty, really, seeing how close it is to London and how easy to access so much of it by train. When you live in London, especially… Continue reading London Day Trips: Canterbury

48 Hours in Bruges, Belgium

My expectations of a city-trip to Bruges entirely revolved around quintessential Belgian stereotypes: fries, chocolate, and traditional medieval buildings. This is perhaps a little unfair to the miniature city in the west of Belgium – there was actually plenty more to it than that. The train from Antwerp to Bruges, a journey of just under… Continue reading 48 Hours in Bruges, Belgium