Alone in Berlin

Excluding one short secondary school trip (because, really, do you even register that you’re in a different country on a school trip? It’s more like an extended lunch break), the first time I visited Berlin was on my own. Though I met people once I was there, Berlin was the first place I’d gotten on a plane on my own to go to—so it felt fitting that, given that I had some free time, I would choose to go to this city again solo.

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East Meets West: Exploring Görlitz, Germany

My day trip to Görlitz started at 8:30am in Hauptbahnhof, Berlin’s main train station. I was there over an hour too early for my first train to Cottbus, where I’d change to a small, regional German train to Görlitz, in the very east of Germany on the Polish border. Hauptbahnhof is a maze of levels and platforms, and it took me almost the whole hour to orientate myself within the station, find somewhere cheap for coffee (Pret a Manger to the rescue, as always), and find my way to my platform.

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London Day Trips: Canterbury

Since visiting Margate on a bright winter day this January, I’ve felt good things about Kent. I’ve never spent time exploring this area of England before now – a travesty, really, seeing how close it is to London and how easy to access so much of it by train. When you live in London, especially as a student, your whole world of travel possibilities tends to be contained within the M25. But on another shockingly sunny winter day, I decided to broaden my Kent-horizons by exploring the ancient cathedral town of Canterbury.

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On the Edge: A Weekend In North Wales

The tiny Welsh town of Trefor sits snug in the shadow of three huge hills on the North coast of the Llŷn Peninsula. I’d experienced rural Wales before, but not rural Wales like this. Driving into the village, it reminded us all of something out of a horror film – the lack of people, the grey cottages, the wind and rain. This was isolation on another level, and I felt about as far from London as it is possible to feel.

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Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet Social at Wünderlust – 20th October 2016

I have a good opinion of Ben & Jerry’s. They simultaneously make great ice cream and are unafraid of taking political stances on issues such as climate change, LGBT rights, and, most recently, the Black Lives Matter campaign. Continuing in this spirit they held what I can only describe as a community fundraiser ice-cream party at Wünderlust in Deptford, and it was a magical dairy-filled evening of community love.

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Writing Berlin

Approximately 11am on the 2nd August 2015. I had just arrived at Berlin Schönefeld airport and was being talked to in broken English by a young Chinese man – my first direct point of contact to City Travel Review, the company I had arranged to come to Berlin for a month with. At one point he simply turned and asked me ‘Do you like Coldplay?’. I was not feeling very reassured.

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