6 Places You Won’t Believe Are In North-East England

Any travel-lover who follows those 'beautiful places' accounts on Instagram will probably already be aware of some of the north's key tourist spots: York, Whitby, Durham. Sunset pictures of Whitby Abbey, or gloomy pictures of the Shambles are popular on the platform, and do buck the trend of the north being viewed as some sort… Continue reading 6 Places You Won’t Believe Are In North-East England

Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

river and hills on a sunny day blue skies

The river Tees flows through the industrial town of Middlesbrough, up on the northeast coast of England. Historically, the river has been the industrial life blood of the area, making trade possible between towns throughout the northeast as well as to places further afield, like the Netherlands. The river has seen industries rise and then… Continue reading Exploring Teesdale and the North Pennines

A Walk Through Newcastle’s History

I've been visiting Newcastle since I was young. It's the closest city to my hometown of Middlesbrough, and though the place isn't huge (I quickly realised this when I started spending summers with family in London), it's fairly cosmopolitan compared to Middlesbrough. In a sort of parallel universe, I even live in Newcastle. I spent… Continue reading A Walk Through Newcastle’s History