Is Morocco the Best Holiday Destination for 2019?

I have always loved, and will always love, holidays in Europe. You really do have everything—mountains, beautiful coastline, sun, snow, rivers, vibrant cities, varieties of culture. But European holidays, especially for a Brit, are no longer what they once were. Visiting Berlin in 2015, I exchanged pounds to euros when the exchange was really at… Continue reading Is Morocco the Best Holiday Destination for 2019?

A Day in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

From a rooftop in Marrakech in the early morning sun, the Atlas Mountains are just visible in the distance. At first glance, it's a trick of the light, a mirage, you don't really believe they're there. They would barely be visible at all if it wasn't for the sunlight catching on the snowy peaks, evidence… Continue reading A Day in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Chaos and Serenity in Marrakech

When I told people I was going to Marrakech, I heard conflicting reactions. While some people who had been before said it was amazing, others extolled the hyper-business of the city, the intense heat in the Medina, the intimidating nature of the men there ("wear a wedding ring," one friend told me, "then you won't… Continue reading Chaos and Serenity in Marrakech