Unter den Linden, Berlin

Between the Brandenburg Gate in the West and the main building of Humboldt University in the East stretches Unter den Linden, one of Berlin's most important commercial streets. It is a bustling international thoroughfare, home to the Russian Embassy, Berlin’s branch of the waxwork museum Madame Tussauds, and dozens of restaurants. While at pedestrian level… Continue reading Unter den Linden, Berlin

Café Horenstein, Berlin

Tucked away down a quiet street just off Blissestraße, a time capsule exists. Café Horenstein, a coffee shop-classical record store hybrid, may be the only one of its kind in Berlin according to owner Wolf Zube, who has been living in Berlin since 1976 and running the store for 10 years. Although specialising in classical… Continue reading Café Horenstein, Berlin