Weinerei Forum, Berlin

For wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, Weinerei Forum is an experience. Although the establishment operates as a relaxed vegetarian/vegan café by day, it is the evening when it should be visited. Go after 20:00 and the place is transformed into a chic pay-what-you-want wine bar, where for an entrance fee of €2 you are given an enticingly empty wine glass. This you can fill almost infinitely with the array of rich red and refreshing white wine on offer. You can also help yourself to comforting veggie food: being in a slightly tipsy state when a new tray of homemade chocolate cake emerges from the kitchen makes for great excitement. Choose between seats on the intimate, candlelit tables inside where the atmosphere resembles a romantic Parisienne bar, or immerse yourself in the cool Berlin night air on the large benches scattered outside the entrance. Theoretically you can go on refilling your wine glass until midnight and not pay a single penny more; however, a donation is expected at the end of the night to cover what you’ve consumed.

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