Schlossgarten Charlottenburg, Berlin

The Schlossgarten Charlottenburg (Castle Garden of Charlottenburg) is 55-hectares of parkland that accompanies the eponymous castle, encompassing darkly wooded groves and wide graveled boulevards, plus a meandering river.
 The garden was created in the 17th century after plans made by French landscape gardener Siméon Godeau, and was intended to be in the classical Baroque style. However, since then it has been reshaped, both in the 19th century by advocates of the “English” style landscape garden, and after the partial destruction of some of the garden in WWII.

Enter from the southwest entrance and head towards the Baroque Parterre, a beautifully complex symmetrical arrangement of flowers, statues, and fountains. This is an ideal starting point for a wander into the rest of this almost fantastical garden. Look out interesting sights concealed in the trees, such as King Frederick III’s Mausoleum, accessible to the public for a small fee of €2 (€1 concession), and also the more unusual marble obelisk, which was erected in 1979. Soak up the garden’s unusual and delightful history with a picnic lunch among the classical sculptures, all in the shadow of the Baroque palace.

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