me Collectors Room, Berlin

With its modern glass frontage contrasted against the quaint neoclassical architecture of its neighbours along Auguststraße, it is difficult to miss me Collectors Room. Part chilled café, part exhibition space, the gallery also plays host to the Olbricht Collection – a showcase of over 200 curiosities ranging from intricately crafted wooden skulls to stuffed turtles. While there seems to be little coherence in the display itself, this is also the collection’s defining feature. A wander past the various starkly lit cabinets is an intriguing experience: a glimpse into the strange and exotic. Both an audiobook and paper guides to the collection’s various objects are available within the admission price, but it is perhaps an even more interesting experience to wander without guides, guessing as to what each curiosity could possibly be. To round off this experience, a variety of hot and cold drinks, lunches, and cakes are available in the café at surprisingly affordable prices, along with free wifi. Spare an hour or two on a weekday afternoon when the place is almost entirely empty to explore and take it all in – it may be the only gallery of its kind in the world.

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