Grunewald Forest, Berlin

Emerge from Berlin Grunewald S-Bahn station and you are almost immediately thrown into seemingly unexplored territory. It is difficult to tell from the main entrance into Grunewald Forest that it covers 3000 hectares of West Berlin, bordering Lake Wannsee in the south and overlooked by Teufelsberg mountain in the north. The main tree-lined boulevard at the entrance will carry you into the heart of the forest, passing nature reserves and small lakes on the way. There are also numerous smaller trails that twist and wind their way through the densely packed trees. Opt for these routes and travel through darker thickets, where the sounds of passing trains gradually fade away as the forest engulfs you. If you want to explore more of the area, rent a bike and take a relaxing cycle. Alternatively, the 218 bus forges a route down the eastern edge of the forest, alongside the Havel river, and you can take a boat trip to Linderwerder Island too. Grunewald is an immensely diverse place, and to attempt to explore it in one visit would be near impossible. Plan a couple of day trips if you have time – you will certainly experience something magical.

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