Café Horenstein, Berlin

Tucked away down a quiet street just off Blissestraße, a time capsule exists. Café Horenstein, a coffee shop-classical record store hybrid, may be the only one of its kind in Berlin according to owner Wolf Zube, who has been living in Berlin since 1976 and running the store for 10 years. Although specialising in classical records (the name itself is an ode to Ukranian conductor Jascha Horenstein), the shop also deals in jazz records and other specialised interests including the spoken word. There is a selection of hot drinks at affordable prices made in store by Zube himself, which is a lovely touch (especially if he sits down with you to tell stories about his time in Berlin). Visitors are then free to immerse themselves in their surroundings – the 1960s furnishings; stacks of musty records; immersive classical music played in store by Zube on authentically quaint record players. You truly feel like you are living in another era, and it is peculiarly blissful.

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